FloraBot - The World’s First Robotic Floral Designer

Robots and humans are working together better than ever and FloraBot is making it happen. See all the ways we are building the future of precision agriculture and changing the world.

FloraBot designs advanced technologies which enable our customers to automate the handling and assembly of fresh flower arrangements. Something that was impossible in the past.

Everything starts with a vision how to increase efficiency, improve product quality and provide scalability when needed, using flower friendly robotics. In simple terms, our robots do things that have not been possible before in mass production floral environments. We are able to automate the assembly of floral products and processes that were previously off limits to automation.

The flower industry represents unique challenges to robots in terms of handling and assembly. The requirements for handling specific flower varieties and different types of flower arrangements is vastly different from one week to another. Flower shapes, sizes, density and color are highly variable even across the same farm, and not every flower is exactly the same.

As labor shortages continue to hamper the floral industry, companies are looking for more capability and flexibility in automating processing and assembly of floral arrangements for the mass market. A human can go from picking up one flower variety to another without hesitation. Flower companies are looking for that kind of capability and flexibility in robotic automations systems.

The quality, consistency and creativity of floral designs will continue to be the primary business drivers in the mass floral market. Historically, mass market providers have struggled with these issues from a labor perspective. We can help solve these issues.

Introducing FloraBot

The world’s first robotic floral designer

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